Canon's official astrophotography video is a feast for the eyes!

Canon shows you how to take great astrophotography and night sky photography

You can jump straight to the video here if you want!

I have always wanted to create an interesting video about astrophotography to share with the world on youtube.  I already have a few astronomy related videos on my youtube channel including one I made several years back with my first telescope, entitled: "Looking at the Moon Through Orion Skyquest Telescope"  The video is currently approaching 11,000 views, and has had many positive comments and likes along the way! It's a quick video that features myself holding a Canon Digital Camera on video mode, looking through the eyepiece of my telescope at the Moon. Feel free to give it a watch!

Camera through eyepiece of telescope looking at the moon
My first astrophotography video from over 4 years ago!

The video I am sharing below, however, is more of the type of video I have envisioned creating for years now.  The video features award winning photographer Phil Hart, as he explains the basics of astrophotography in a simple and easy to understand video.  The video is extremely professional, and features stunning images an time-lapses throughout. Not surprising - seeing as how the video was published by Canon Australia!  If you are new to astrophotography, I hope you enjoy the video and maybe even learn a thing or two:

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