Fall Imaging Begins!

North American Nebula imaged from my backyard in Niagara with Canon DSLR
NGC 7000 - The North American Nebula
 Stack of about 50 180" frames, stacked with darks, stretched in PS CS5.  Using Canon Xsi (unmodded), Explore Scientific ED80, Celestron CG-5, Meade Dsi II and Orion Mini 50mm for autoguiding.

I just realized that I hadn't uploaded this image yet!  The weather has been horrible for astronomy over the last 2 weeks, so I haven't had anything new to process for a while.  This is a combination of data from my backyard and a close friends backyard in Jordan, Ontario.  The skies were much darker in Jordan, as seen in the photo below:

The Milky Way clearly visable in the southwest
Milky Way from Jordan, Ontario
   I also took a shot at imaging M78 (One of my favourite reflection nebulas in the sky)  I don't know what I was thinking when I framed it up, because it is wayyyy off. lol.  I won't post the details of this one because I plan on just starting again from scratch.  This will be my new project for November this year;) 

M78 - Reflection Nebula in Orion